The most beautiful names of Allah (16)


Surah Maryam 40

innā   naḥnu   narithu   l-arḍa    waman   ʿalayhā    wa-ilaynā   yur’jaʿūna
Indeed We will inherit the earth and whoever is on it. And to Us, they will be returned



Surah Taha 73

wal-lahu    khayrun    wa-abqā
and Allah is Best and Ever-lasting (Most Enduring)



Surah Taha 82

wa-innī       laghaffārun     liman       tāba       waāmana       waʿamila       ṣāliḥan      thumma      ih’tadā
But indeed, I am the Perpetual Forgiver of whoever repents and believes and does righteous, then remains guided


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