The most beautiful names of Allah (15)


Surah Al-Kahf 45

wakāna l-lahu ʿalā  kulli  shayin  muq’tadiran
and Allah, over everything, is Most Powerful (the One who decrees/determines)



Surah Maryam 31-32

wajaʿalanī   mubārakan   ayna   mā   kuntu
He (Allah) has made me (Isa ‘alayhi salaam) blessed wherever I am

wa-awṣānī   bil-ṣalati   wal-zakati   mā   dum’tu   ḥayyan
and has enjoined me, the prayer and zakah, as long as I am alive

wabarran   biwālidatī
and dutiful to my mother (Maryam ‘alayha salaam)

walam yajʿalnī jabbāran shaqiyyan
and He has not made me insolent, unblessed




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