The most beautiful names of Allah (14)

Al-wahid, Al-qahar

Surah Ibrahim 48

yawma    tubaddalu   l-arḍu   ghayra   l-arḍi   wal-samāwātu
On the Day when earth is changed and the heavens are changed as well

wabarazū       lillahi       l-wāḥidi      l-qahāri
all will come forth before Allah, the One and Only, the Subjugator


Al-muakhir, Al-muqadim

Surah An-Nahl 61

walaw   yuākhidhu   l-lahu   l-nāsa    biẓul’mihim   mā taraka   ʿalayhā    min    dābbatin
And if Allah were to seize the mankind for their wrongdoing, He would not have left upon it, any moving creature

walākin   yu-akhiruhum    ilā    ajalin    musamman
But He defers them for an appointed term

fa-idhā   jāa   ajaluhum   lā    yastakhirūna    sāʿatan   walā    yastaqdimūna
Then when their terms come, they will not remain (delay) an hour behind, and none of them can advance 


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