The most beautiful names of Allah (12)


Surah Al-A’raf 102

wamā     wajadnā     li-aktharihim      min ‘ahdin      wa-in    wajadnā    aktharahum    lafāsiqīna
and  We found not, for most of them, any covenant. But We found, most of them, are defiantly disobedient


Al-haqq, Al-hakam

Surah Hud 45

wa-inna     waʿdaka    l-ḥaqu      wa-anta   aḥkamu   l-ḥākimīna
Indeed Your promise is true, and You (Allah) are the most judicious of the judges



Surah Hud 61

fa-is’taghfirūhu     thumma    tūbū     ilayhi     inna    rabbi     qarībun    mujībun
So ask forgiveness of Him, then turn in repentance. Indeed, my Lord is near, All-Responsive


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