The most beautiful names of Allah (10)

Ad-Darr, An-Nafi’

Surah Al-Ma’idah 76

Qul   ataʿbudūna   min   dūni   l-lahi   mā   lā   yamliku   lakum   darran   walā   nafʿan
Say, Do you worship from beside Allah, what has no power to harm you and no power to benefit you ?



Surah Al-Anfal 46

inna    l-laha    maʿa    l-ṣābirīna
indeed Allah is with those who are patient (steadfast)


Al-waliy, Al-muqit’

Surah Al-An’am 14

qul   aghayra   l-lahi    attakhidhu    waliyyan    fāṭiri    l-samāwāti    wal-ardi
Say, Should I take other than Allah as a Protector (Friend,Ally), creator of the heavens and the earth

wahuwa   yuṭ’ʿimu    walā    yuṭ’ʿamu
while it is He who feeds and He is not fed


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