The abbreviations

Allah SWT

SWT = subhanahu wa ta’ala

Derived from

sīn bā ḥā

sub’ḥāna (noun) = Glory be
sub’ḥānahu = Glory be (to Him)

Derived from

ayn lām wāw

l-aʿlā (masculine adjective) = the most high
taʿālā (verb, 3rd person masculine singular) = high (is), exalted (is)

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala
Allah, Glory be and Exalted is He

Prophet Muhammad SAW

SAW = sallallahu alayhi wa salaam

Derived from

ṣād lām wāw

ṣalli (verb) = bless, pray
ṣallū (verb) = (send) blessings

ʿalā (preposition) = upon
ʿalāyhi = upon him
ʿalāyha = upon her
ʿalāykum = upon you

Peace be upon you

sallallahu alayhi wa salaam
Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him

AS = alayhi salaam       (follows the names of all other prophets, Maryam (mother of Prophet Isa alayhi salaam) and Asiyah (wife of Fir’aun who saved Prophet Musa alayhi salaam and raised him as her own child)

alayhi salaam
Peace be upon him

alayha salaam
Peace be upon her


RA = radiyallahu ‘anhu       (follows the names of the companions of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salaam, Khadija (his first wife), Aisha (his 2nd wife) and Fatimah (his daughter))

Derived from

rā ḍād wāw

raḍiyyan (noun, masculine singular) = pleasing
raḍiya (verb, 3rd person masculine singular) = (Allah) is (was) pleased

radiyallahu ‘anhu
May Allah be pleased with him

radiyallahu ‘anha
May Allah be pleased with her

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