Pillar of Islam : Zakat

Derived from

zāy kāf wāw

zakiyyatan (noun) = pureness

zakiyyan (adjective) = pure

When a muslim has accumulated a certain amount of wealth (above minimum) he/she is obligated to give to the poor and needy, a certain percentage of his/her wealth (asset minus liabilities and basic necessities). It’s more than an act of generosity, but also an act of purification by sharing what Allah SWT has given in abundance.

Derived from

ṣād dāl qāf

sadaqatan, sadaqatin (noun) = charity (voluntary offering)

The differences between the two are clearly explained by Dr Zakir Naik here

Surah An-Nur 24:56

And keep up the prayer and bring the Zakat (pay the poor dues) and obey the Messenger that possibly you would be granted mercy

Surah Al-Hadid 57:18

Verily, those who give Sadaqat (i.e. Zakat and alms, etc.), men and women, and lend to Allah a goodly loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and theirs shall be an honourable good reward


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