Meaning of the word Islam

The Arabic word Islam is derived from

sīn lām mīm

which can be read as  :

aslama (verb) = to submit

salāman, salāmun (indefinite masculine noun) = peace

l-salāma (noun) = the submission, the (greeting of) peace


mus’limīna = (in) submission

mus’limūna (active participle) = to submit

l-mus’limīna (active participle)those who submit, those who are submissive, muslims

l-sil’mi (proper noun) = Islam, as in the word Islam itself, which is the only word in the Qur’an that is not translated into English because it carries several meanings (more detailed explanation here by Sheikh Yusuf Estes)

Hence the word Islam has at least two meanings : Submission and Peace

Muslims are those who submit to Allah’s will, peace is the result.

(more explanation here by Dr. Zakir Naik)


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